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(Some Spoilers)

I went into this knowing how much I was anticipating seeing this movie, but with the full knowledge that I might be disappointed. When I heard John Cena was in the movie, I was immediately skeptical, and who wouldn't be after all those Michael Bay movies! I'll be honest, I liked them all, but I know they weren't great.

I think I was smiling through the first fifteen minutes of the movie. The war on Cybertron is absolutely amazing. The character designs? Amazing. The fight scenes? Amazing. For a brief moment I was a kid in my room playing Transformers, it was truly a great feeling.

Bumblebee is the best Transformers movie that's been made so far, it's not even close. It was cute, had great humor, amazing fights, and the character of Bumblebee shines through in a way not seen before. He is courageous, kind, and at times like a child, insecure and afraid.

Bee reminded me of Baymax from Big Hero Six and Toothless from How to Train your Dragon. He was like a kid that just didnt know any better and it was hilarious in several scenes.

Travis Knight absolutely killed it and no wonder why, hes a huge fan and wanted to make something that he loved, in a way that we would love. I really hope they continue this franchise with Knight pushing forward with his vision, because I will hand you my money now!

Hailey Steinfield was an absolute treat on film. I loved her character, her backstory, and how she recovers from what shes dealing with. Her chemistry and bond with Bumblebee was fantastic and I enjoyed the hell out of it.

I was really hoping for a GI Joe cross over in some shape or form, even if it's for a brief second to show they are around, but we didnt get that. What we got was sector 7 again, but I really dont think this movie had anything to do with the previous movies. I think this is the reboot and the future of Transformers and it was a great start.

Dropkick and Shatter were awesome and did some messed up stuff, including killing a Autobot, tortured Bumblebee, and killed normal people. The decepticons were better in this film than the other five combined, which is weird.

John Cena, who I thought was gonna be annoying, wasnt. He had some corny moments and some funny ones as well. I actually wouldnt mind if he continued his Agent Burns character in future installments of the franchise.

All in all I'm giving this movie a 4.4 out of 5 Bumblebee flip kicks. It was a perfect Transformers movie.

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