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Bug War...

I honestly feel like Johnny Rico...just some random dude thrust into an interstellar war with humans on one side and bugs on the other. Millions of years of evolution is on the bugs side, I know this, so the war against them will be tough.

Currently the Crickets from Mordor are back and this time they are heavily reinforced and seem to be heavily modified, maybe a super serum, I can't be sure. I just know they having lighting like speed, the jumping abilities of some sort of super frog, and I think I saw one teleport. These xenomorph look a like facehugging sons of bitches are coming at me in numbers not seen since the beginning of time...well, since last year, not like this though, not the super commando versions of these disgusting things.

As I attempt to write this I have the sinking feeling that they are rapidly approaching ready to strike and annoy me even further. I've sent a rapid attack force to counter their attacks, General Me, and I killed multiple assassins and remain optimistic that my aggressive barrage of hate towards these menacing asshats will have an affect. My real hope is that they get the message, so I'll sweep them outside, leaving their dead bodies out and about for all those who dare enter to understand exactly what they are getting into.

My second in command, who we will call "The Cat", usually disposes of everything that doesn't belong in the house, he's either sick and tired of the endless killing or he just feels like he's not getting paid enough for the shit he deals with on a daily basis. Stupid ass crickets! I hate them!

I just wish the cat would do what he's getting paid to do, although I understand his mindset right now. Regular crickets are one thing, mutant murderous crickets are entirely another situation. Now I gotta figure out whether or not to go the biological weapon route and maybe venture forth into the darkness to find their HQ to send the message home, that I will not be trifled with, that repercussions are on its way. Maybe they won't try to assassinate me when I sleep, maybe they will, I won't know until its too late. I do know the 'Negan" came out in me and I attacked with a ferociousness not seen since the Battle of the Bastards, many bugs were lost in this battle, and I feel nothing for these vile creatures.

I really need to invest in a flame thrower, they seem to work against Aliens, Bugs, monsters, and heavily armored androids. Maybe it's a good thing I don't have one. In any event, I hate them, they hate me, and we will always be at war. I wish they would just go away, accept my truce and disappear forever in the abyss that's known as the woods.

#BugHunt #Crickets #BugWar #MutantBugs

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