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Bring on Boston!

The fans began chanting "we want Boston", in the sixth inning and I couldnt be more pumped! Bring on the rascally Boston Redsox!

Did anyone else get crazy excited when Voit almost blasted that three run homer in the sixth, which turned into a two run triple? Of course you did! Because he has been an absolute beast since we got him from the Cardinals, not to mention I love his emotion.

So how did Severino do? How about 4 scoreless innings and seven strikeouts. Exactly what we needed from our ace, although I wish he went another inning. He did get out of a bases loaded jam with a strike out. But other than that there was no troubling our number one.

It all began though from Judges two run no doubt about it smash in the first inning, in that instant I knew that Yankees had this game in the bag.

Add that to our relief pitching of Betances and Robertsons combined 3 innings for 0 runs, 0 hits, and four strikeouts, and we have a solid all around pitching team performance. Yeah, Britton gave up a two run homer and I'm not gonna even let it ruin my mood right now.

After the 2 run bomb by Oakland in the top of the 8th, our own Stanton answered back with a defiant "bitch please", with his own solo homerun, putting the Yankees up 7-2.

Into the ninth, our closing pitcher, Chapman, to take down the A's and bring us to the heavyweight title fight we all want to see. This is the Creed vs Drago, the Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels, the Superman vs Doomsday. This will be a battle, a war, an absolute armageddon situation here. Well, I wouldn't go that far. Well maybe I would.

So again, Bring on the Redsox baby! Nothing would give me more pleasure than to see them get knocked out of the playoffs by their arch rivals, the Yankees.

MVP goes to Severino for four decent innings, not really excited about his walks.

Note to self: Gary Sanchez did a pretty damn good job today behind home plate. Maybe he can do only one thing at a time tho? Its either defense or offence. Shit. Well that's silly. Hope it isnt true.

Dear Boston, Suck it. We are coming for you. Sincerely, Yankee Fans #Yankees #MLB #Redsox #OaklandAthletics #YanksvsAs

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