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Imagine if Clark Kent didnt become superman, imagine, if Clark was a deranged murdering scumbag. That's what this movie 'Brightburn' is about and holy shit it looks good.

Starting Elizabeth Banks and David Denman who is probably still a little salty that Jim married Pam, are the parents of this child they found, who falls from the sky exactly like Superman.

After being bullied and finally losing his shit, he comes to grips on what he can actually do, and does whatever the fuck he wants. But his adoptive Earth mother will love him no matter what, because that's what they do, love us even though we shoot our laser eyes at people.

I'm pretty sure if we all had powers we would have the best intentions at first, but over time we to would likely do some shady shit. Or maybe that's just me.

From the looks of the trailer, the kid has some cool abilities, including flight, speed, and laser eyes! Fuck yea! He also looks pretty invincible, but that shit wont last, I'm guessing some way or another the mother has to put that kid down, and she does with tears in her eyes, although I can also see this movie, a welcome change from the DC and Marvel movies, to push into a darker sector of 'the hero genre' and create a few of these films.

That's about it, I'm gonna go and write about how much I didnt like The Last Jedi now.


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