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Bottomless Pit: A NY Giants tale

Jesus spaghetti and meatballs of shit....why do I keep having hope? Every week I come in and think, "This is it! We got this today," and every week I get kicked in the nuts by an invisible hammer called life.

We can't run, we can't really pass, we can't play defense, we can't score, we can't not make huge mistakes with penalties, it's like if Peter Pan went back to Neverland in the movie Hook and no matter how much he trained Captain Hook just decapitated him when they fight. None of that really made sense and that what the Giants do, they drive me crazy.

The Falcons are terrible, but the Giants wanted to make sure the league knew they don't plan on winning a game with this team. Matt Ryan is 97 years old and needs glasses to see past ten yards and although pressure was there at times, he just didn't care. The dude just drove down the field not even knowing where he was or how he got there because of the dementia, but made enough plays to get his team in position for the win so he could get back in the ambulance and head back to the old age home.

Barkley....dude, just go straight man, you jeep juking for no reason. Yes, I know your line can't run block for the life of them, but the Falcons couldn't really stop the run up the middle, what is the outside run bullshit against fast LBS and guys who can contain?

They should invest in a mobile hospital after all their players went down.

Engram...just trade him, he's got talent but the Giants needs blocking TEs who can make first downs, they also need guys who can run block. Why is this line so bad at run blocking? Why is it taking ten years to rebuild the offensive line? Whose fault is this?!

No, I'm minutes after seeing big Blue get punched in the neck, so maybe I'm just a little to emotional to write about them but holy cow shit, what a mess. I came into the season believing the defense would be better, that the defensive back core would be one of the strongest in the NFL, yet here we are with a soft playing defense where they just allow easy passes instead of the deep ball.

I don't blame Gettleman, I don't know why everyone does, the guys he picked didn't pan out, it happens, especially on the offensive line. Hernandez and Thomas were supposed to be very good coming out of college, everyone thought it, they just aren't showing that talent that got them drafted, not consistently anyway.

Right now it's like being on a ship heading towards a hundred foot Tsunami with no care in the world. Sure we'll hit the wave, most likely being slammed into the sea, drowning with loss after loss, but what are you gonna do.

All I want to know is who the blame should be on, who?! I have no idea! Coaching? The players? The God damn Owner? Maybe the guy who sells the fucking peanuts, maybe I'll blame him. Who do we need to throw in the pits!!??

Daniel Jones shows promise though, but he needs to get that God damn ball in the end zone, they need touchdowns, not field goals. It's killing this team and pointless penalties, those are just horrendous.

It's gonna be a long season and there's no end to my depressive state in sight, because the schedule gets worse. So here's to another terrible season, bottoms up.

But we have Azeez Ojulari who is a stud!

He's one of the main brightspots on the team, three games with three sacks!

Highlights are right below.

(Pics are from

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