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Boston Sale's to Victory

There I said it. You happy. The asshole Boston Redsox won game one behind a brilliant few innings from their starting pitcher Chris Sale who I hope disappears for the rest of the series.

Dont get me wrong, this was a heavyweight title fight with Apollo Creed winning round one, but guess what, Rocky wins in the end.

Yes, we said "We want the Redsox", and we got Sale who is actually Superman. So yes, he killed us with his stupid 145 mile per hour fast ball and struck out 8 Yankees, well four those strikeouts were from Stanton....(why did we bring you in from Florida again?) So there he was, picking off poor Yankees left and right, until an amazing thing happened. We actually got on base!

So there we were rallying, getting some runs in and boom just like that bases loaded and the strangest thing happened, we left them on base! It was like leaving you kid at home during Christmas vacation, how do you do that!? Not once, but damnit twice!

This game was more about what the Yankees didnt do instead of what Boston did.

J.A. Happ is like fight club now and what's the number one rule? I shouldn't have to tell you. He helped us during the regular season but during this game he became cross eyed and probably needed his glasses, so there you have it. Happ needed his glasses that's why he pitched terribly. Boom! That solves one problem.

I hate the Redsox.

Ok. Got that out of the way.

How about Judge going 3 for 5 and Voit going 2 for 4 with 2 RBIs!? That's some good out of all this. Also our bullpen with 6 innings pitched and only allowing 4 hits, can we just put them in the first inning?

It was a good game, frustrating, but good. These two heavyweight titans are always fun to watch and I still think the Yankees somehow manage to take the series. The Redsox bullpen is not good and the Yankees took advantage of it, but they need to score earlier and knock the damn starter out of the game (I want Sale in pinstripes).

So here's to tomorrow, hoping the Yankees score 89 runs against Bostons David Price so I can go to bed happy and not seeing the fans of the Stinksox in my head smiling, laughing, and having a good time. (Seriously, get out of my head!)

To Tanaka, I'm crossing my fingers you shut down those lousy Boston Redsox and bring the series closer to an end and a goodbye to Sale and all his Boston buddies.

Ps Please Stanton, you dont need to swing at everything.

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