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Book of Boba Fett: Episode Holy S**T

Spoiler warning before you go any further, because I usually talk about what ever happens in the show/movie when I do these posts. So please, take your popcorn and leave, leave now, just get out of town and never look back.

Are you gone?

Ok. I think we're good. Holy Jabba The Hutt ass Crack this episode grabbed my face with gentle hands, rubbing my Nostalgia bug ever so gently from beginning to end, it never let's it's addictive hands go and I for one am more relaxed because of it.

This latest episode was like seeing an old friend again, like it was a beautiful day just hanging out with a close best friend just enjoying life. Seeing Luke Skywalker again brought the biggest smile on my face. Not just because he's the jedi most of us grew up loving, but because of what he said, his mannerisms, his journey as a teacher, and most importantly his mindset at the time.

Yes, this is a Boba Fett show, yet the last two episodes branched away from the main story to give us a Mandalorian episode and a Luke Skywalker episode, with the stories intersecting with Fetts Pyke syndicate war arc in some way shape or form.

Luke Skywalker is training the cutest future jedi ever in Grogu, you see his focus is not there, yet Luke is gentle in his approach of training. He mirrored his training regimen he had on Dagobah with Yoda and even talked about Yoda, those scenes were fantastic and brought me back to the days of watching Empire Strikes Back. Grogu actually learns some nifty stuff when he faces off against a training ball that Luke used in a New Hope.

The Mandalorian misses Grogu and came to find the youngling so he can give him armor to keep him protected. It was a heartfelt moment as Din decided that leaving the gift for someone else to give him would be better, so it wouldn't hurt Grogu even more since they're attachment to each other is intense, much like a father son relationship and I think will play a major part in what happens to Grogu.

Ahsoka also makes an appearance which is awesome, but what's more amazing than that is she knows Luke, who she mentions as "Master Luke", not "Skywalker". I can only imagine the conversations they've had or even the first interaction between the two on who she was and any stories she told to Luke about his father, it might paint a greater picture of who his father was and meant to the Republic, because he was a hero. I really hope we get more of these two characters together, even if it's just conversations between them. The CGI on Luke was definitely way better than the last time we saw him as well, that technology is absolutely crazy and it'll get even better over time. Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Still makes me happy, she's awesome.

I'm jumping around, I know, but that small scene of Grogu looking back on a memory where he is even weaker than he is now, sitting helpless on a bridge of the Jedi temple, helpless as he watches multiple jedi do what they can to protect him against the Clone troopers that purged the Jedi was amazing. I really wish we got a short mini series on what happened inside that Jedi Temple from beginning to end of that battle, the utter chaos and insane confusion of it all would be epic.

With all this craziness that Director Dave Filoni threw at us, it almost falls in comparison to what we get in the closing minutes. The Marshall, whose name eludes me as I write this, the man who had Fetts armor for a time, appears again. He stops a spice trade in the middle of the damn desert and even gives the Pykes a chance to just go away and pretend nothing happened. They attacked and he killed three of the four, allowing the fourth to leave. Letting him live was a mistake, because at the end of the show, Cad fkn Bane showed up and told him and his people to stay out of the war to come with Fett and the Pykes. Holy shit! Not only that, we get an old styled Western fire fight where Bane gave the Marshall and deputy every opportunity to just say "we'll stay out of it", but no, the Deputy wanted to be a hero and it potentially got both of them killed, don't they know who the hell Cad Bane is!? Loved it!

So we get Luke, Ahsoka, The Mandalorian, and Cad Bane in one episode! Not only that, we will get our Boba Fett vs Cad Bane that we almost got in Clone Wars! Let's go! 4.4 for this episode, yes I know, Fett was barely in it, but that's OK, it'll all be alright. Filoni and Howard directed two great episodes and it intersected with the storylines of what happening.

Damnit! I forgot, Grogu will have to make a decision. Luke gave him a choice to choose, the armor that the Mandalorian left or the lightsaber of Yoda! Which will he pick!?

What did you think? Great episode or no? Do you like the direction and appearances by certain characters? Let us know below!

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