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Bipolar Giants

What in the actual fuck are we doing? Does anyone know? We let go of Collins and OBJ, I get it, both demanded a lot of money. We are rebuilding, need cap space, and want to get younger. Makes sense. You sold me on that Gettlemen, I'm with you. Then you pull this shit. Bringing in Golden Tate? Not for a year, but for 4 fucking seasons?! For 37 million dollars?

Hes 30 years old and sure hes ok if hes playing the slot, but God damnit Gettlemen, I was 100% behind the rebuild. Bringing in Tate to me makes no sense, especially for that type of money.


I understand the Antoine Bethea, hes a vet that can still play at safety, and gives us depth at the position. I liked the signing, that doesnt mean I want to sign him for a 3 to 4 year deal and give him an astronomical amount of money.

Gettlemen....STOP IT! Stop pissing me off!

Ok...after a moment to relax, I'm calm. But I'm still here wondering...what in the actual hell are we doing? Where are we going? This shouldn't be like the game Clue, we should have a plan, unless hes like the Joker and just does random nonsensical shit just because.

All I know is, I'm not a fan of bringing in Tate, especially for that contract. But I know that last year was the owners meddling into the team and this year it's all Gettlemen, it's his moves that will make or break the team. I'll stand behind him, except on this move, although if he wins up having three decent years, despite what our record is, I'll apologize.

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