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Becky two belts not to be

Well all the hype about Charlotte Flairs segment with Becky Lynch is all over the internet as their confrontation on Smackdown was very awkward.

Apparently, both Becky and Charlotte didn't want to just hand over the belts to each other, despite fighting for it not to happen they did it anyway and it didn't go the way it was scripted.

Charlotte threw the belt down "accidentally" and then threw the comment at Becky about being Becky two belts at her. Well, Becky threw her smackdown title at her. Becky was supposed to grab both belts and to say I'm "Becky two belts" and it never got done.

The segment was stupid to begin with and a waste of these women's talent and energy and rumor has it they aren't the greatest friends anymore either.

Backstage there was a heated argument between the two and Charlotte was told to leave to avoid any further confrontation with Lynch. Flair is also supposed to head to AEW to watch her husband in Orlando this weekend, Vince is upset that she didn't talk to him before she left Friday.

Drama, am I right? Gotta love it. Both are super talented and you just hate to see friendships and stupid segments be trash because "smart people" believe it's what they should do.

Becky Lynch looked absolutely pissed off when she left the ring and simply stated that she'd see whoever was champ at Survivor Series after Sasha Banks confronted Flair.

Maybe the WWE should trade Charlotte Flair for a few first round picks from AEW or Impact. I wish it was such a thing as trades in promotions like these, it would be awesome.

Side note: Flair wanted to drop the title Monday to PWIs number one female wrestler this year, Bianca Belair to avoid the stupid hand off of titles apparently too.

Side note 2: I love Charlotte Flair....she's top notch and above the best women's wrestler potentially of all time in my opinion, but I could be swayed to change my mind.....with a million dollars!!!

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