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Becky Lynch takes the spotlight

After WWE superstar Becky Lynch defeated Charlotte Flair for the smackdown womens championship this past Sunday at Hell in a Cell, she continued her momentum into Smackdown this past Tuesday.

I love heel Becky, the stuff she says is just pure amazing. I'm glad they are finally pushing her to the forefront. I especially love the, "I just want you to call me Queen. Bitch." A little jab about Charlotte being the Queen.

The Irish womens champ Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair can honestly feud forever and I wouldnt be bored. Although I'm still confused about the ending of Hell in a cell when Becky reversed the spear into a pin combo that didnt look right.

These two square off again at Australias super show down on October 6th for the smackdown womens championship.

The womens division has seen some great times these last few years and it's because of these two talented ladies putting everything they have into the stories and matches. Now let's just hope they let this new found heel Lynch hold the belt for a bit and let her show the world that she can shine brighter than most on that roster.

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