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Battlefield V

I played one map for like an hour last night, the Germans pushed us back for a bit and we stopped them and pushed them back, then all hell broke loose when either Tiger or panzer tanks came into the picture, I'm not quite sure because I began to run away to a better position. But they had limited range, we stopped them at a bridge as we converged all our heavy weapons in that area as a last ditch effort to keep them back. Enemy Soldiers began to pour underneath the bridge and try to flank us. I immediately wrote home to tell my family goodbye. Soldiers began to fall down around me like leaves in the fall. We were surrounded, with no way out but backwards. Men died around me screaming for help, but no help came. Soon enough blackness came over me as snipers began to pick us off like vultures.

After my death and defeat I honestly felt at peace. For the last few weeks all I heard of is how bad Battlefield V was, how terrible EA is, how EA is the equivalent of Voldemort and their name shouldn't even be spoken. But I was pleasantly surprised that I actually liked the game. Although I've only been playing for a few hours and could be hit with the repetitive bug, I enjoyed my multiplayer experience and even the campaign is ok. It's not call of duty modern Warfare, but it's not the crappiest game on the planet either. It's an average shooter that looks beautiful and is fun to play, and for only thirty bucks right now? How can you go wrong?

I think the public has this way of turning things on itself. Star wars The last jedi and Battlefield V are just a few that get caught up in the backlash of people who either didnt even play the game or never saw the movie, that negative vibe can attach to a person who watches or plays, it stays with some people and it affects how they feel about certain things. So make up your own damn mind, rent the game and give it a try, it isnt bad at all.

I'll be back at it trying to keep the mighty German army at bay, to defend freedom for you all, with a playstation controller of course.

As of right now, I'm rating this game a 3.0 out of 5 Tiger tanks, but it's kind of an incomplete game, since we are getting a version of the Battle Royale next year most likely in March. Try it out and let me know what you think, or if you have it let me know if you think it's a dumpster fire or if you really like it.

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