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Batman vs TMNT

Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Just pure fun, I have no bad thing to say about this film. I was hoping they didnt just bury the Turtles since it was a DC movie, but nope, they went all out. I honestly thought it would be a kids show, nope, not after shredder shut his foot soldiers mouth by throwing a fucking shuriken at his head! At that moment I was like, "Holy shit!"

Batman vs Shredder is something I never knew I wanted to see, the fact they both underestimated each other during the first battle is amazing. Batman gets his ass kicked, then beats down the turtles, which shows how powerful Shredder actually is.

The little buddy relationships between Damien Wayne aka Robin and Raph, Donatello and Batgirl and Leonardo with Batman were awesome to see, they all had moments together.

Michelangelo was funny, I wont lie, I laughed alot with things he said, hes a goofball and the film showed that.

The whole team up came to be when Shredder and a mysterious partner, Ras Algul joined forces to trade services. Ras would get a weapon that the footclan would steal and create, not to mention ooze, Ras would then give Shredder the Lazarus pit, to make him immortal. The alliance is fun in itself because you can tell they just dont care about each other, it's an uneasy friendship, and after Batman interferes and stops Shredder and the foot from succeeding in their mission, Ras intervenes and has a mission to keep Batman occupied.

So they let everyone go at Arkham Asylum, gives Joker Ooze and turns the entire collection of Batman villains into mutants themselves, who are now a lot stronger and impossible to defeat, some of the mutations were cool, some not so much.

My only gripe with this movie is the fact during the final act one of the footclan ninja was mutated into a T-Rex who stood at like forty feet tall, that threw me off.

There is a fun little nod to the first ninja turtles game from the arcade and nintendo system which was awesome and I caught it right away, it definitely made me smile and brought me back a little.

Fun movie, entertaining, and hope for more in this setting.

Grade: A I would of given this amazing team up a A+ , but hated that T-Rex moment lol

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