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Batman vs Dracula

As Halloween approaches, I, like most people tend to watch October appropriate movies and shows to get into the spirit of things, so I decided to go back and watch the animated Batman movie where he faces off against the dreaded Dracula in Gotham city.

I remembered it somewhat but needed a little refresher, because I wasn't sure If it was good or if I just remember it being that way because of nostalgia.

I wasn't disappointed.

Dracula is a decent villain to Batman as he is mistakenly awakened by Penguin who escaped from Arkaham Asylum trying to find a treasure buried within Gotham cemetery. Unfortunately, he finds Draculas tomb and his blood awakens the king of the Vampires.

Joker and Penguins banter is quick and fun, it makes you want more of them in scenes together but we don't get much of them except as side characters.

Vicky Vale is hot and Bruce Wayne is fucking it up with her, he barely gives her his attention and it eventually catches up to him when Dracula kidnaps her late in the game.

The Vampires are pretty creepy and it feels like a small animated horror movie, especially when the Joker is bit, he's insane to begin with, but Joker vs Batman goes like it usually does, with Batman outsmarted his Vampire foe.

The first fight between Dracula doesn't go well for Batman, which is to be expected, we need to see the threat Dracula poses and how powerful he is so in the end the victory is sweeter.

In the end Batman goes John Wick on probably around thirty or more vampires with a serum to change them all back into humans, to attempt to take down the king of Vamps and save his future girl friend Vicky Vale.

I'm the end Dracula goes all out to kill Batman, while Bats outsmarts Count Drac and leads him to his own death, where his tomb would be the Batcave, a fitting place for his demise as he used a machine that was shown in the beginning and also a key part of finding a cure to the Vampires disease, a large prototype solar energy machine is used to basically unleash the power of the sun at Dracula who is cornered, he realizes Bats is Bruce Wayne, and that's where Bruce is like "Yup, fuck off and die now!"

Dracula is dead....again and Gotham is safe once again because of Batman. Gotham is just a cesspool of shit, why do people live there when all these villains live there. I mean, Dracula was unexpected, but they should really move Arkham to an island or something.

It's a good movie that has some re-watch potential, especially around Halloween.

So what do I give this 2005 movie!?

Grade: OK

MVP: Batman

Batman literally took out superhumans coming in waves without getting tired then fought one of the most powerful beings on the planet in Dracula and won, which means you should never fuck with Batman, ever.

I honestly think #HBOMAX should do a one off live action film of this animated gem. On another note, he should of gave Superman a call once he knew shit was going down....although, could Dracula hypnotize Supes? That wouldn't be good, never mind.

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