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Bad Times at the El Royale Movie Review

Bad times at the El Royale is El awesome. El spoiler free review below.

The trailers with El handlebar mustache Thor is what intrigued me enough to give Bad Times at the El Royale a rent. I love most things that Chris Hemsworth does these days. Yes that includes taking off his shirt. Let’s be clear… not because I want to run an ice cube down his torso. I just respect the incredible shape he is in. I’m not sure when Hemsworth became hilarious but he now regularly churns out brilliant comedic performances. In Bad Times he takes on a bit of a different persona and nails it. God like yes… mjolnir wielding…no. There is no plot twists involving his character so I feel comfortable that it is not a spoiler to say that he is the sexy and majestic leader of a cult. Not too much of a stretch to imagine a group of people worshiping Chris Hemsworth and looking to him for answers to life’s burning questions. Heck, sign me up. He talked like a weird cult leader, acted like a weird cult leader, moved like a weird cult leader… at least what I imagine when I think of a weird cult leader.

There is much more to this movie than Hemsworth and his character’s angle. In fact it takes a bit of time for him to debut on screen. Until then you learn all about the Priest, the Singer, the Vacuum Salesman, the Shady One, and the Bell Hop. It is a “Crash” style story with sprinkles of “Clue” where strangers end up at the El Royale for different purposes until their stories collide in a grand-esk fashion. You get to first see a prologue which kicks off the questions right out of the gate, followed by the character introductions. Next a small series of events takes place and you get to see said events from each character’s perspective leading up to the conclusion. Along the way you get a plethora of plot twists, character twists, and some mysteries to chew on. It is definitely an interesting story, and filming style, that kept me engaged from start to finish. I quickly judged characters and actions that I had to later recant and apologize for… mentally.

Speaking of apologies... I apologize for the lack of details. I am really trying to keep this spoiler free and it is proving to be difficult when mentioning 90% of the movie would be a spoiler.

So what else can I really say… Jon Hamm was great as well as Jeff Bridges. No surprises there. Cynthia Erivo does a lot of singing in this movie. If that is her real voice, then she is blessed.

Bad times at the El Royale is among the unique movie releases of 2018 and definitely worth a rent. Check it out.

Have you seen Bad times at the El Royale? What did you think?

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