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Avengers EndGame

Avengers End Game trailer is finally HERE!!!!

After the Russo’s said the title was not Endgame… it is, as of now, Endgame. Liars! Could there still be a switcheroo in the later months? Who cares! We finally got some meat to sink our teeth into! Or if you are a vegetarian, some tempeh. I am over the freaking moon right now, while I have the trailer on loop. This has been the best 2minutes and 26 seconds since the credits rolled on Infinity War!! The trailer, as always, was masterful! The soundtrack to it was perfect, as it embodied the aftermath of Infinity War and resonated the stakes of what the Endgame will bring.

As of now many of the rumors appear to have been smokescreen. It does not look like it takes place several years into the future… There are no signs of a bigger threat to the Universe, superseding Thanos… Who we see is doing well, presumably living the farm life. Just seeing a glimpse of him made me absolutely giddy.

Tony Stark, is running out of time, stuck in space. The only way for him to get home now I feel like is through the time travel angle (to rewind before he went into space), or he bumps into another missing hero. Please be Korg!

I shrilled like a teenage girl when I saw Steve Rogers, FINALLY, donning the stealth suit from Winter Soldier. Evans has said in the past it is his all-time favorite Cap suit and completely agree with him. It is gorgeous. It what will almost certainly be his last time suiting up, it is nice to see him be able to reprise it.

We only caught one short glimpse of Thor sitting somewhere chilly and looking really pissed off. Like he is about to snap and hit someone with a lightning bolt for sneezing. He is no doubt fixated on the storm breaker incident and now stuck in self turmoil

Similarly, we see Banner also grieving as he is watching fallen or missing comrades flash by on the monitors. There has been debate on why he and Hulk are not on speaking terms. While there is no doubt that they will patch things up in the Endgame, I’m sure Banner is also reflecting on the events that transpired in Wakanda, fixated on what more he could have done to try an prevent what happened.

We finally get to see Ronin on screen, reuniting with Natasha… after he just murdered somebody. Buuut let’s sweep that one under the rug for now.

Seems like just yesterday Antman was trapped in the quantum realm, but he is back and ready to make a difference. I can’t wait to see how he made it out.

Among the remaining heroes that did not make it into this trailer... I’m wondering what Rocket is up to. Now that he is on Earth, maybe he is on a journey of self-discovery with the indigenous population of Earth raccoons… which is half the size it used to be.

I am so excited to finally see this trailer! Our next look will most likely be during the Superbowl, so stay glued to your seats during commercials. With all of this said, let’s remember that not everything we have seen today will make it into the final movie. So like Justin Hammer once said… “Don’t get so attached to things”

What was your favorite part of the trailer?? Sign up, or log in, and leave a comment below!!

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