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Attack On Titan S1

I took a very long time to watch this series despite all the crys of how good it is, I was also in a bubble that believed the Titans were ridiculous looking. That all changed once I sat down and watched this beautiful piece of epic art of a series.

From start to finish of season one there isn't filler, all of it matters, all of it weaves the story of both hope and desperation. The show is centered around three people, all who have their own skills, backstory, and arcs along the way.

It's a story of ups and downs and their way of life now that the world has fallen away. Only a few giant cities surrounded by humongous walls remain. The walls are meant to keep out the massive titans and have done so for a very long time. The Titans are all different as well. Some are slow moving, some fast and agile, most aren't bright and attack on instinct. Doesn't matter what type they are, each are dangerous enough to kill hundreds of people if left unchecked.

The three main characters want to be scouts an elite unit that goes beyond the walls, a place where noone ever goes, only them. Eren, Armin, and Mikasa's world forever changes quickly when a massive Titan, the biggest seen, kicks a giant hole in the wall which allows dozens upon dozens of Titans to pour into the city and devour everything that moves. This puts the soldiers and MPs of the city into full fledged attack and defend mode against monsters they've never faced before. It's one thing to train to fight massive Titans, it's another to come face to face with multiple giants who want to smash and eat you. I wouldn't survive in this world. You can see the panic on the citizens faces cause they have never faced these things before, they've been at peace and thought they were safe. The massive titan not only changed that, but didn't press forward, showing that he did it on purpose and showed some kind of intelligence.

The consequences of this Massive Titan brings much death to the outskirts of the walled cities which pushed the people into the next walled area, leaving a massive area of death, destruction, and Titans roaming around searching for more humans to devour. During this attack it also showed Armin almost being eaten and Eren sacrificing himself to stop the Titan. He saved his friend but was eaten in the process. I was kind of shocked at that moment, I didn't see it coming.

There are a ton of little moments that made this firsr season epic in my opinion. Including the chemistry between the characters, most specifically the main three. I like their relationship and bond that pushes them to protect each other no matter what.

I love how the 'Scouts' are an elite group of soldiers who go beyond the wall, they are revered and feared, they also are mocked if they come back looking like they failed, this is all from people who have no idea what it's like, they've been hiding behind walls their entire life.

There are many different people in this story who I thought would be side characters throughout the series, I was way wrong. People die left and right in this hostile world which makes the show pretty intense.

Levi is one of the scouts who is just supernaturally good at what he does, the elite of the elite, both in combat and strategy. He's the Kakashi of this series I believe. He will be the one that will help the main characters throughout the coming seasons to become their best selves.

I actually thought Eren was dead until a Titan just started rampaging through and killing other Titans, which I loved. He also didn't touch any humans, so we do find out Eren survived and somehow managed to turn into a Titan. I love the fact it takes all season for him to kinda figure out how to take that form and be in control, and he even got his ass handed to him in the Female Titan arc, which was one intense arc, probably my favorite. No one was safe, no one. 10

The final battle of the season was amazing as well, pitting two Titans one on one in the city, decimating human lives and buildings left and right. Two massive beings just fighting among Ants basically.

It was amazingly written and loved the animation, I can't wait to devour season two to see what Eren and company get into next.

Season 1 of Attack on Titans gets a A+ from me, 9.5 out of 10, or a 4.5 out 5.

Did you see it? What did you think? Who is your favorite character?

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