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Army of the dead

Let's just get the bad out of the way. Like a typical Snyder flick it feels like it's to long. It also has some issues with pacing. Ok, that's pretty much all I had an issue with.

This film is about zombies...obviously. But not just that, some of these fuckers are smart. After Vegas went down with a zombie infestation it was closed off and surrounded so nothing could get out. Inside is basically zombie paradise, minus food. Not sure how they dealt with that problem.

The beginning of the movie you basically get a crazy montage of what the hell happened in Vegas after a military experiment got out of a secured vault. This was all some newly weds fault for having car sex while driving and colliding with the military truck transporting the zombie. Why they have a fucking zombie I'm not sure, but that's what happened!

So we get little glimpses of a majority of the characters doing some major league ass kicking just to show us these bastards arent easy pickings. I'm assuming years later, after the zombie takeover of Vegas, a man approaches Dave Bautistas character about a heist and that's when gets his Expendables together.

The movie is a fun time if you dont get to serious about what 'zombies' should be or how you feel after getting gut punched at the end. The most interesting thing other than video game murdering like kills is the relationship between Dave Bautistas character Scott Ward and his daughter Kate, played by Ella Purnell who wasnt half bad. Although I'm curious on most the choices she made throughout the movie. My problem is they didnt do enough with it, but it ended with a bang so I guess I cant complain.

Every undead movie has different zombies, whether it was 28 Days later, world war Z, or Shaun of the dead. Zack Snyder said fuck it, put all styles of zombies in this one and that's what we get.

You can kinda see what's going to happen before it does, but that's just nitpicking. It was a good zombie movie that most likely will get a sequel.

It was a solid zombie heist movie that will make every character in the movie wish they stayed at home.

This film gets a solid 3.3 out of 5 headshots.

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