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So I was very intrigued by Aquaman, I'm a fan of both Marvel and DC, so I never personally want either one to fail at making a good movie, I'm basically a kid and love all comic book movies, so I'm totally unbiased. (Although I tend to like Marvel more)

I was semi interested in Aquaman in Justice League, which to me failed as a movie, it fell on its face and I wish it didnt. But Jason Momoa' s laid back hard hitting character in JL caught my eye as somehow that I'd like to see in a solo film.

So was it good?

It was ok. It wasnt great, although I'm probably in the minority that liked the CGI battle in the ocean, with sharks, ships, and different races of the ocean waging war in epic fashion. (The beginning battle reminded me of Ready Player Ones battle that was near the end of the film)

I liked some of the story, I liked some of the actors, and I wanted to love the movie. I just couldnt. I liked it. Maybe it's because I'm not fully invested in Aquamans character that I couldnt get into it more than I liked to.

The good, the bad, and the ugly:

Jason Momoa, Willem Dafoe, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Dolph Lundgren, Patrick Wilson, and Amber Heard were good casting choices.

I didnt know Dolph was in the movie until I saw the legendary Masters of the universe first hand. Hes a king that hates the people topside as much as Patrick Wilson's 'Ocean Master', and even let's Wilson's character manipulate him to help him wage that war, must to the disgust of his daughter Amber Heards 'Mera'.

Mera (Amber Heard) I have a thing for red heads, so I'm probably biased here. I think she was good, but I dont think she was great. She was the women of Aquamans eye, that much was apparent. She was smart at times, but some of her dialogue was cringy.

Willem Dafoe, 'Nuidius Vulko' is Ocean Masters right hand man and advisor. The green goblin also trains Aquaman when hes younger to one day be king, he secretly wants the older brother, Aquaman, to be king over Ocean master, who wishes to wage war upon the surface World. I actually liked his character, I mean who doesnt like Platoon and Boondock Saints star?!

Patrick Wilson's 'Ocean Master', was a bad guy with good reasons to do what he does. He felt like he was the good guy and wanted to wage war against the surface to stop them from ruining the ocean further. He does some terrible shit in the movie but it's all for the cause lol hes cunning and isnt afraid of a fight.

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, 'Black Manta', He wasnt in the movie for all that much, but when he was, shit got real. Although there was one part where hes building his suit and it just felt totally off, the music, the scene in general, everything was weird and out of place. In general though, hes a pirate who helps Ocean Master against Aquaman. I liked his character, except that whole upbeat scene that didnt make sense.

Jason Momoa, 'Aquaman', hes just a cool dude and you can tell when hes in a scene. I liked his laid back take no shit character. He wants nothing to do with the ocean and its bullshit, especially Atlantis. For most of those citizens hes just a rumor, hes not real to them yet. But when Ocean Master sends the surface a warning by destroying ships and sending garbage to the coasts, not to mention almost killing his father, Aquaman had to react and at the very least challenge his brother to stop them from these shenanigans.

The fight scenes were ok, the war in the ocean was ok, the end battle was ok, the acting was basically was just an ok movie. I liked it. I bought it and I'll rewatch it. It was fun and entertaining, but not great.

If I had to grade the movie it would be a very giving 80, a B-, I wish it was better and those who say it was better than Wonder Women are wrong. It had its moments, but ultimately didnt pan out the way I would of expected. I'm hoping they push the envelope a little more in the sequel.

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