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Another Abysmal Giants Season in the Books

That's right! Finally I can be happy and not stressed out watching the New York Giants blow countless games. I can finally just sit back and relax not worrying about the disgusting offensive play calling, the terrible ability of the offensive line, the stupid nonsensical calls on defense, and the lack of a pass rush, a pass rush that I wanted fixed in the draft for five years yet they always went in a different direction.

As I look back, can I think of any positive things that happened? Other than an unlikely win against New Orleans and Vegas, possibly potential wins that turned out to be losses that could of helped Joe Judges chances of securing his job, which might be up in the air. This team did answer some questions for their roster, but it added more of them. Is Daniel Jones the future? Still don't know. Is Barkley a stud? Doesn't look like it. Did our offensive line get better? Nope. Is our pass rush better? Negative. Was Galloway worth the 17 mill a year? Ha!! Not even close.

This team is unfortunately garbage and although I love them, there's so much they need to do get any better, starting with the GM, head coach, and coordinator positions. Because they're trash, although I did like Patrick Graham on defense, but this year, not that the offense helped him out at all, I believed that side of the ball had better personal, but play calling and play was horrible most the time.

Addition by subtraction:

Our cap situation is absolutely horrendous thanks to Gettleman, who unlike most people, I don't fully blame him for all that he's being blamed for, but free agent wise, he absolutely killed us with stupid ass contracts. But we will part ways with some of these guys this off season.

Guard Will Hernandez: He was hyped up to be a first round talent and just never panned out in either the run game or pass protection which he's horrible at, unless it's a coaching thing, which It may very well be.

Tackle Nate Solder: Overpaid and one of the worst outside protection guys In the game, Goodbye and good riddance.

Tight End Evan Engram: Doesn't stay on the field, can't block, drops easy ass passes, but he will end up with the Patriots and get five hundred touchdowns in a season.

Safety Jabrill Peppers: I love using him in Madden, I like him, I like his attitude and ability but he's just gonna want to much to keep.

Linebacker Lorenzo Carter: There's a chance after a strong showing in the last few games that he comes back, but only if it's a short deal with little to no money. Five sacks and two forced fumbles In the last four games might give the New Giants GM reason to give him another look.

What the hell do we have to look forward to with this roster next year?

LB Azzez Ojulari: dudes a stud with huge upside after a good eight sack rookie season.

DE/DT Leonard Williams: Is he worth the contract he's getting? He had 11.5 sacks last year and dropped to 6.5 this season, but had 83 combined tackles. I think he needs pass rushing help and Azzez isn't consistent yet to be that guy.

LB Jaylon Smith: He's got speed and was good a few seasons ago, I think it's worth giving him a shot as a full season back up pass rusher and see what he's got in 2022.

LB Quincy Roche: I also think they should give this guy a another shot as a backup pass rusher. I just have a feeling about him.

As far as corners go, I actually love most of our guys, I just think upgrading the linebacker core is a need, and a potential starting guy that will help the pass rush more.

So there are guys on the defensive side that I like, but the offensive side is another story. Andrew Thomas is the only worthy offensive lineman that shows any promise at all and he was somewhat dominant against certain teams when he played. Well, Nick Gates showed some promise before he was destroyed by a disgusting injury.

Our wide receivers are decent enough but none of them can stay healthy. Not one. Are they stars? No. But they can be very good at times and the Shepherd Jones chemistry is phenomenal, it even started out to be almost unstoppable, but that was short lived.

Daniel Jones? What in the hell are we doing? We've been asking the same questions for the last three years and we still have no answers. Bottom line he can't stay on the field, it's not gonna work if he can't play, especially when our backup quarterbacks are high-school quality QBs. God they're awful.

So next year our WR core will be Galloway, Shepherd, Slayton, and Toney who showed glimpses of promise. It's not that bad of a unit if they can stay on the God damn field.

Our running backs unit, I believe will change, I think they're gonna trade Barkley this off-season, and I honestly think it's the right move, we've wasted enough of his career, he deserves a chance at success somewhere else.

At least Dave Gettleman retired today, wish he'd take Joe Judge with him and this entire staff, including the vendors, the people who sell the tickets, the people that clean up the place, and the security guards, like everyone, send them all home.


All I know is this teams a damn disaster at this point, with no hope of escaping this black hole of losing. I have a feeling 2022 is gonna be another stressful annoying year watching the Giants play.

The last four games the Giants were outscored 106 to 26....106 God damn points in four games to 26! It's insane how bad they are, it's more insane that they'll keep Joe Judge around another year as we've gotten worse, with no improvement, and no clear cut direction of how they'll get better.

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