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AMAIM Warrior at the Borderline

Season 1 Episode 1


Mechs! Why do I get sucked into all Japanese Animation!? In this new series that came out a few months ago we get to see a world in Japan around the year 2061.The first episode basically sets you up to the overview of Japan that you're watching and its not good.

Japan was on the verge of economic collapse, the birth rate was basically falling to zero, the country was falling apart. Foreign Nations sent forces into the country to stop this from happening, which eventually became an occupation of the country. This ultimately brings conflict to all sides which started the Boundary War which brought about unwanted change in Japan, because after the war the country was divided into four occupied zones. The war was fought with AMAIMs which are autonomous drone mechs.

The first episode shows the Japanese are treated like secondary citizens in their own country and the people in charge kind of suck, they want any reason to put these people down.

The show centers around Amo Shiiba, a young orphan who has been secretly trying to rebuild a AMAIM he found in an abandoned base, hes been searching for parts with several other people as a hobby, but hes really trying to turn the mech on, his problem of starting it all changes once he finds a rogue abandoned autonomous AI in some sort of canister named Gai, who helps him escape from several run ins with the troops that run the city he lives in.

Gai is cute and a fun character and Im curious how her and Amo work together after the first episode. The show ended with Amo's AMAIMs mech called Kenbu taking on two military grade mechs that didn't stand a chance, especially after Amo used the voice command on his mech to use his special move. "Bardiche Breaker!" He tore into the two green mechs with multiple weapons like they were nothing. This had to be pretty intense to watch from the soldiers that stood by waiting for this AMAIM to go down.

All in all it was a good episode that got me semi interested in what was going to happen next. It leaves off episode 1 with a victory over the mechs, but the people who the soldiers captured are still surrounded. Those same people that helped Amo find parts that he needed for his secret AMAIM.

So lets see what happens next!

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