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Aliens: Fire Team

Let's Rock!!!

Aliens Fire team is coming out soon and I'm pretty excited to use my M4A1 pulse rifle where I will shoot in all directions out of god damn panic while I hear that menacing sound from my motion detector as those Xenomorphs come at me out of the dark hissing at me like some rabid cat.

The Colonial Marines are bad asses and even though they get their ass handed to then in the movie aliens, we might be able to turn their fortunes around and slap the acidic taste right out of those alien fuckers mouths.

Hopefully we get that feeling of dread while the motion starts beeping away, making me stressed out and potentially freezing in place while I see things get knocked over because some facehugger wants to attach to my face.

What's even cooler is this is a sequel to the original trilogy, set 23 years after those events where your marine group is on board the USS Endeavour where you need to answer a distress call from another marine group that is obviously under attack from a larger Alien force, catching the cocky marines off guard and now asking for reinforcements or evacuation.

So I cant wait to run in guns blazing all confident until Xenomorphs fill my screen up, cutting my teammates down left and right while I run away rethinking my life choices as a marine.

Watch the trailer here in all its explosive glory!

Bottom line though is "I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure."

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