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Abandon ship Giants!

Sound the alarm! This is not a drill, I repeat this is not a drill.

Yup! The New York Giants are waving the white flag and saying fuck it, we are over our heads and we would like to surrender.

And it's no ones fault except past management who thought this team didnt need an offensive line. Or the fact that we didnt need to draft a quarterback. Not saying I didnt want Barkley, cause I'm happy with him already. Love at first sight kinda thing. But the dude needs help, he cant block and run the damn ball.

So we trade our former first round pick Eli Apple, who I thought played way better than last season. We trade him to the Saints, who obviously need help in the defensive backfield. Now we are left with back ups in starting roles. Talk about wanting to tank the season, I guess the defense made it to close last week against the Falcons and that shit had to stop. We are gunning for the number one spot in the draft and we wont be denied!

We do have competition for that spot unfortunately. The Raiders are hot on our heels and have the same mind set. TRADE EVERYONE!!!

At first I thought maybe Eli Apple was traded from all the bullshit he was causing. Then ESPN radio popped my imaginary bubble and announced Snacks Harrison, our stud defensive tackle, was traded to Detroit.

At first I was shaking my head in disbelief on how stupid this team is, then after having some imaginary tea and talking to a window, I realized this is the right move. This is what Reese wouldnt do, it's what he couldn't do. Gettlemen had seen enough and very quickly assessed the situation. There is no way we are making any type of run with this roster so it's time to blow it up and start over. Hes trying to bring in as much assets as possible to rebuild this team to where it should be.

So I wish Snack in Detroit and Apple in New Orleans all the luck in the world, but this is only the beginning. Vernon is a good pass rusher, but his time is up in New York, hes to good to be on this defense. We need a defense so bad that the Cleveland Browns feels bad for us. We need to compete for that spot, the Raiders aren't gonna just hand us the number one draft pick, we need to earn it.

The biggest question here is does Eli Manning, who has a no trade clause, stay. Does he waive his no trade and go somewhere he can win right now? I doubt it. Hes stubborn and incredibly loyal. I love Manning, hes given us fans two superbowls, and helped make this team watchable. Anyone who says he is terrible didnt live through the years of Dave Brown and Kent fkn Graham. We went from Kerry Collins who had a short decent run to a one year stint of Kurt Warner to Eli Manning.

Looking back. What would of happened if we kept Warner? The dude was hurt when he played in NY. Imagine if he played when he wasnt?! I'm getting off subject here on an imaginary ride of pain and regret.

So who is next? I know who they shouldn't trade and itll piss me off if they do, because hes young and his contract is coming up and will require decent money to keep him. Our safety, Collins. Please for the love of all things cute, do not trade this dude! Hes the cornerstone of the defense, young, and you can build around him. Dont fkn think about it!

So there you have it, the Giants are set to have another terrible season and we will fight for the number one pick....again.

PS I hate the Cowboys

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