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A weird Bike ride

Have you ever had some unexplainable weird shit happen to you? Like years go by and it still makes no sense and doesn't seem real, yet you know it happened and you even have a witness to that said event, but still lingering in the back of your mind is the simple question, "Am I crazy?"


So years ago while riding around bikes with my cousin, we decided to ride through the cemetery which hauntingly enough was right next to where I lived. When I say right next to, I mean I was thirty seconds away walking from the fence that guarded the cemetery, even closer was the company that built the gravestones. So one nice afternoon we decide to go riding all around and as kids with no logic and sense, decided to ride through the cemetery. On the roads, not the grass, what kind of kids do you think we are? Trampling on where the dead rest? Yeah, I don't think so. I don't need dead people rising from their graves giving chase to me while I attempt to ride away in a fit of panic only to hit a parked car. Unfortunately hitting parked cars, either riding my bike or sprinting after a ball was a common event, but that's another story.

Back to the ride of Doom. So my cousin in all her wisdom somehow managed to lose control of her bike, like a drunk driver that lost control of their car, she wildly rode onto the grass and straight up a tree, flopping down on the ground. If I could go back I'd definitely laugh at her and point, there would be plenty of pointing. Why? No reason other than to point and laugh. So that was just a nonsensical event, what happens after was what stayed with us. An old lady appeared, whether she was around or not, we were kids who weren't really paying attention to our surroundings before the bike wreck. The old lady began to laugh. What the hell? The witch just watched my cousin lose control and do some Daredevil shit and she thought it was hilarious which I find even more funny now.


With the Bike crash and old lady laughing in the cemetery I'm now in a moment of "Well this is life I guess." So I help my cousin up and then the weird continues. The batshit crazy old lady that just appeared and began laughing at my cousins demise of a kamikaze attack on the innocent tree simply disappeared. Like poof, vanish, Houdini left the building. In an open cemetery she pulled some kind of ninja bullshit and vanished. Now I know that sounds crazy and I've been over it time and time again and it makes no sense.

Lets go over the obvious. We were kids, our memories of that time might be stretching the truth in some capacity. We also weren't paying attention to our surroundings before that, so the lady could of been there and didn't just poof up like the wicked witch of the west. Even looking back at it now, my memories show bits and pieces of what happened, mostly just like notes that I stored inside my head that I need to decipher through. But as I sit here writing, the facts are as follows:

  1. Evil lady appeared, laughed at my cousins attempt at decapitating a tree and disappeared.

  2. The gate to leave was maybe twenty yards away down the dead end street.

  3. My cousin doesn't know how to ride a bike and she hates trees.

The gate was literally twenty yards away to get out. She would of had to sprint then hide behind a parked car, but even then as kids we would have noticed some old witch lady with lightning quick speed dashing about trying to escape our eyes. The only thing I could come up with is either she laughed and while I picked up my cousin and helped her, which was like twenty to thirty seconds tops, she could of ducked down behind a gravestone, hidden from our eyes it would of looked like she disappeared. But Id rather not think of some witch lady cracking up then hiding behind a stone staring at us with an evil smile hoping she could devour us in some way. In any event, the speed and agile moves in order to perform some kind of move like that doesn't make sense.


So I'm just going to have to assume that yes, she was indeed a witch. A witch that still probably plagues that cemetery, waiting for the two kids to come back riding their bikes so she can finally put them in her special