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A Rod, J Lo, Affleck oh my

With all the news buzzing about the 2009 World Champion Alex Rodriguez being confused about Jenny by the Blocks

potential reunion with Batman, it's kinda hard not to write my position on it.

First, Batman should know this might be a disaster. In the Snyderverse, he was supposedly gonna hook up with Louis Lane as they fall in love, which gets her killed and puts Superman in a awkward murdering position, this will have the same affect.

Second, why does anyone care? I'll never understand the need for people to know famous peoples business.

Third, Batmans former wife Electra doesn't want to be involved or asked about his nocturnal activities. Good on her.

I feel for A Rod though. Although, Arod has the money to become the real Batman. Well, he would be someone like Casey fkn Jones, going out in the city hitting people with baseball bats and shit, juicing up to become super Bat man, murdering homeless people , until Affleck steps up and trys to stop him.

We can only hope.

#JLO #Arod #Affleck #LoveTriangle #Batman #BatmanvsArod

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