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A Lotta 'Lotls

So a few weeks ago my husband and I gained some new little friends. Our axolotl tank sat empty, forlorn, bereft of its previous occupants that had served their lives as excellent pets. Mudkip and Haku had been the Watchers of the Living Room and expert Worm Beggars, and I was sad when they finally passed. To honor their memory, and of course to not let a perfectly conditioned axie tank go to waste, we brought home three new babies.

Mudkip and Haku had both been dark melanoids with the GFP (green fluorescent protein) gene, so they actually glowed in the dark under UV lighting. The three new babies are all albino, and I’m still currently unsure of their genders. For the longest time, we had no names for them, but I think I finally procured decent monikers for the little fellas. The smallest one I named Squirt, because well, it’s a squirt. Kinda on the runty side, it’s much smaller than the other two and it actually caught my attention because it seemed depressed and immobile at the fish shop. Even had it been sickly, I felt that a much larger aquarium would benefit it and hopefully help it grow into a strapping, healthy axie lad or lass.

Next is Nugget. Nugget has a slightly golden hue, much like a nugget of gold. It’s probably the largest of the three, and it’s very active. Watching axies float-waddle across the tank like little amphibious astronauts is highly amusing, as well as watching them swim to the top only to float back down. Or nosedive straight into the sand. It’s usually one or the other.

Finally, the third axie I named Chubs. Chubs likes to eat and is usually often found hovering around the feeding plate where we deposit bloodworms and axie pellets. Chubs is also usually the first one to jump into the pile of bloodworms and go to town.

I can’t wait to see how these three react when they become old enough and big enough for us to incorporate ghost shrimp into their diet. Watching them hunt live shrimp is fascinating! Regardless of what gender they turn out to be, I feel like I named them aptly.

An endangered species in the wild, it’s nice to see a surge of love and awareness for these exotic amphibians across various media.The axolotl of memes is usually portrayed by a pink leucistic, a more common and popular axie type. I have seen axie love displayed in Netflix’s Aggretsuko and BoJack Horseman, as well as in video games such as Minecraft and Final Fantasy XIV. I feel that more awareness stimulates curiosity, and curiosity leads to research and information. It has been years ago now that our curiosity was piqued, and we researched thoroughly before committing to these adorable and biologically complex little critters. One of the best resources I can recommend if you are interested in caring for axolotls, or any amphibian for that matter, is Newts and Salamanders Portal. We started with two and now have three, but who knows, maybe in the future we will have a lotta ‘lotls.

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