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A little about me

G.I.Joe was and is still one of the greatest toys of the 80's and mid 90's. As a child I had no idea what type of impact it would have had on me as an adult, when the first wave of G.I.joes came out they were just soldiers, most of them were Army and all mid grade ranks such as corporals and Sergeants they wore OD green uniforms and had standard jobs such as Breaker commo guy, Grunt an infantry trooper and Stalker an Army ranger,the first wave of the 3 3/4 toys had just 15 figures 13 Good guys 2 bad guys, but if you were one of the lucky kids that did a mail in offer you could get a Cobra Commander figure sent right to your mailbox, I was 3 yrs old playing with these action figures, having battles in my front lawn for hours on end, when one would die I would bury it, where he was killed in battle, as I grew up and wiser, learning that I would not get any new ones if I kept burying them, I stopped killing them and just had injured Joes packed away in a G.I.Joe lunch box to battle another day, granted there were a few accidents where my father ran them over with the lawn mower, but most remained unharmed and safe from the worms in the earth.

These toys molded me to always play the Army guy, and years later I decided to become a G.I.Joe, in 2001 right after the 9/11 attack on the twin towers I enlisted into the US Army I spent 6 years in the Army I was deployed in one peace keeping campaign in Bosnia and then 2 other deployments first was Baghdad/ Falujia Iraq then to Ramadi Iraq, I was Breaker... I was a Commo guy, I was the guy that carried around a radio and a rifle, while on patrols by foot or by HUMVEE I was the go to guy to shoot, move and communicate, most of the time I was just calling up for support from artillery with positions of the target, to be honest I never knew what to expect when i was in war , but it definitely made me a better person.

Some of my current interest are Video games, Comedies and action movies, anything Marvel related, and just friends and family


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