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I don't know what the hell happened but this show sucker punched me in the face and pulled me into thus amazing story about an amazing person's crazy journey through tons of obstacles that most people couldn't imagine.

This show has intense sensitive moments that may be difficult to get through, because it feels real, what happens in this series makes you feel angry. Angry at what happens and angry at the question that you most likely raise in your head while watching it, the question of "why wouldn't you just leave," when it's almost impossible for her both physically and mentally.

The show centers around a young girl and her daughter, how the abusive relationship basically destroys this poor girl and if she doesn't do something it'll affect her kid.

The main actress Margaret Qualley is just amazing, hands down one of my new favorite young actresses. She absolutely killed this role and made you emotionally invested in both her character and what happened with her and her child. I was invested the moment she popped on screen the first time to the very last end scene of the last episode. You feel for her, you get mad for her, you wish you could just help her in anyway possible as you watch what she goes through. It's pretty rough. But when good things happen to her, you can't help but smile. When other great people help her, you get a great feeling of happiness knowing there are decent people out in the world still.

The mother in of the main character is actually the mother in real life, as Andy McDowell plays Paula, and it's a great performance. Oh my God is it good. Now I know where the daughter gets it from, because McDowell is fantastic. She is so up and down in this series emotionally and it gets to the point where your so annoyed with her that you wish the daughter would just give up on her. But then she does things that make you think that she's better than all this, that she will make the right decisions sooner rather than later, but does it ever happen? I don't think she's capable of making good decisions, that's just me. Her relationship with her daughter is up and down, but shows how the daughter refuses to just let her mom go, I mean she's been the only one really in her life, and I could understand not wanting to part with that despite how she acted.

The abusive manipulative boyfriend with the drinking problem was played by Nick Robinson who you may remember being the dick brother in 2015s Jurassic World, well, he continues with that early trend of that movie into this and is ten times worse.

He plays Sean and holy shit his performance makes you want to get in your car, hit him with that car, then take a rock and hit him with that. I hated him. I hated what he did and I understood he had a problem, a disease, but holy shit he was the epitome of a douche bag. Bravo. Great acting performance by him and I'm looking forward to see what he does next.

The show deals with Margaret Qualleys character Alex who has to deal with her emotionally abusive boyfriend and how she tries to take care of her daughter Maddy, which pushes her to get a job as a maid. The emotional abuse is rough and the fact that she doesn't feel like she can do anything about it is heartbreaking. The show is her journey of trying to escape that torturous relationship and begin a new life, even as the boyfriend continually pulls her back into the mud, making it difficult for her to move on and even just live a normal life. You feel the pain on her face with every difficult decision she makes, you get angry for her anytime Sean does something to her out of spite. It's just an emotional roller coaster ride that you just hope ends well for both Alex and Maddy. By the last episode a happy ending is wanted and desperate needed, not just for the characters, but for yourself and your own sanity, you root for Alex, hoping that one day she will get everything she deserves and more.

Great miniseries. Addicting. Emotional. Outstanding performances by everyone. Great cast.

4.8 out of 5 Grade from me...Fantastic show that you should watch.

MVP: Margaret Qualley as Alex...God damn she's good.

Person I want to hit with a car award: The obvious answer is the dick bag ex boyfriend who can't seem to get his shit in order, but the real ass hat of the world is the father of Alex, for something he doesn't do and I'll leave it at that. also shows that the system sucks for most people. But with hard work and determination, you can get through anything if your willing to fight for it.

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